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Alan Shoemaker was one of the first gringos who settled in Iquitos to learn ayahuasca shamanism under the guidance of a native healer.

Since 1991, he has been an exceptional witness to how the modest work of curanderos has become big business for retreats (he has one himself, Vine of the Soul, and every year in Iquitos he organizes an international conference of shamanism). In this interview he warns that the business of the ayahuasca retreats (understandable, inevitable) can easily degenerate into abuse, into a scam. He also remarks the importance of the placebo effect in the ayahuasca medical system and, finally, he reflects about the increasing shortages that affect the ayahuasca plant… And much more. 

ayahuasca interview alan shoemaker

 Watch/read for free the first chapter of this innovative multimedia documentary.

An interview with Joe Tafur M.D. about ayahuasca and the lymbic system.

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