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  • Joe Tafur

    is a medical doctor from the U.S. who discovered in ayahuasca a powerful remedy, capable of healing many modern illnesses. He befriended the Shipibo curandero Ricardo Amaringo and Canadian artist Cvita Mamic, and launched the healing center Nihue Rao.
  • Lucho Culquitón and Andy Metcalfe

    are two unusual allies. Lucho is a well known Cocama ayahuasquero who owns Kapitari, a healing and research center. Andy is an English programmer whose life changed the day he drank ayahuasca for the first time; now he is a facilitator at Kapitari.
  • Benigno Dahua

    is a village curandero. For many years he worked in foreign-owned retreats, but he prefers working independently. His goal is to run his own retreat. Benigno is a good fellow.
  • Ron Wheelock

    is the most productive cook in Iquitos, and his remedy is consumed all over the world. He learned shamanism under the guidance of maestro don Agustín Rivas Vásquez, en Tamshiyacu. Today he runs his own retreat and conducts ceremonies all alone.
  • Lucho Panduro

    is a healer from Tamshiyacu, a village nearby Iquitos, where there are plenty ayahuasca retreats. He speaks loudly and clearly about the shamanic wars that exist in the village.
  • Juan Curico

    is an urban curandero. He lives in the depressed neighborhood of Punchana, where he cures spells, settles family disputes, matches partners, fights bad luck.
  • Francisco Montes

    is the owner of Sachamama, a 200 acre botanical garden that has more than twelve hundred vegetal species. In Sachamama I found the biggest ayahuasca plant I have ever seen.
  • Alan Shoemaker

    arrived in Iquitos in the early nineties to learn about medicinal plants, and never left. He is been witness to the evolution of the world of ayahuasca in the city, and warns against some negative practices
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An interview with Alan Shoemaker, a pioneer.

 Watch/read for free the first chapter of this innovative multimedia documentary.

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