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The global expansión of ayahuasca shamanism entails that Banisteriopsis caapi has been eradicated in large areas of the Amazon rainforest: another blow to biodiversity.

That’s what Bowie van der Kroon, Elizabeth Bardales and Diego Flores say in this video. Each year they process tons of ayahuasca and other plants used in “traditional” medicine. Their suppliers arrive from any corner of the basin of the great nearby rivers: Marañón, Napo and Ucayali. The diagnosis matches: the extractive pressure that is being exerted is very intense, you have to go further and further to find the lianas in their wild statethe “natural” ayahuascawhich is the preferred one; in addition, the thickness of the arriving lianas has decreased substantially.


An interview with Alan Shoemaker, a pioneer.

An interview with Joe Tafur M.D. about ayahuasca and the lymbic system.

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