It is no longer means but end.

Paradox: ayahuasca is not the core of the ayahuasquero medical system. In the tradition (slippery word) God is the doctor and the medicine. Ayahuasca is the curandero´s tool to connect to the spirit world. So, he receives the healing music, the icaro, which he sings over the patient's body during the ceremony; their spiritual allies inform him of the nature of the malady and the treatment needed by the patient: the medicinal plants and the diet the patient should follow. Patients of a certain seriousness do not take ayahuasca; in some indigenous populations only the healer takes it.

In the ayahuasca practiced (and modified) by foreigners, everything revolves upon the crucial moment to hasten the vomitive infusion, in whose molecules, one might venture, God is found.