I am an independent researcher dedicated to the international diffusion of Amazonian indigenous cultures. My idea is to use video, photography and literature to portray this wonderful world. If you want to support my job, you can make a donation at the bottom of the page. Below you can read about some of the projects I am currently working on.         carlos suarez alvarez preparacion ayahuasca



The Quest

Randal Nerhus is a North American writer who arrived in the Amazon searching for a spiritual teacher. Nearby the Colombian city of Leticia he met don Rogelio, a humble Cocama ayahuasquero. The connection was inmediate. Randl returned a few months later to start a process of healing and learning. From Randal's arrival in December 2013, until the process is over, I will register with my video camera different moments in order to make a documentary movie.

        maestro ayahuasquero y aprendiz

Ayahuasca in Photo

I have produced hundreds of pictures during my work with more than twenty Amazonian shamans. Now I intend to create a complete photographic essay that will depict every aspect of ayahuasca shamanism. It will be made available online.



Chronicles of the End of One World

Over the last eight years I have written a great number of ethnographic chronicles that have been published in magazines in Spain, Argentina, Peru, Colombia and the United States. Now I intend to make them available to everyone, creating a new web page. The chronicles depict in a literary key different aspects of Amazonian societies. 

        shipibas madera